Orthodontic Emergency in Denver?

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If you or your child’s braces have broken or become loose, it is vital that you call our office first. Do not come directly in, as we might not have the time to accommodate you. By calling first, you give us the opportunity to ensure we have a room available.

What Constitutes an Emergency?

There are several reasons you should call our Denver orthodontists right away.

These include:

  • Brackets or bands that have become loose: Brackets should be re-fitted right away. It is possible to use a pair of fingernail clippers that have been sterilized with alcohol, but you should call our office to schedule an appointment for the next business day.
  • Irritation from wires: A wire can be gently moved with a Q-Tip. If it does not budge, you may find relief by covering the end of the wire with a small piece of wax or cotton, as well as by cutting it with sterilized nail clippers. If you cannot find relief, call us and we’ll make an appointment.
  • Lost or missing separators: Losing a separator is normal during the course of orthodontic treatment and you don’t have to worry. Call our Denver orthodontist to learn if the separator needs to be replaced.
  • Soreness and discomfort: With routine adjustments or after an appointment, you may feel some mouth soreness. This can usually be relieved with an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Advil or Tylenol and you can even use a heating pad on a low setting to reduce discomfort.

Contact Lowry Orthodontics for Help

When you have an orthodontic emergency in Denver, contact Lowry Orthodontics immediately. We can provide you with the advice and guidance you need and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Call (303) 366-9090 now or contact our office online.

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