Orthodontics for Teens in Denver

For kids between 11 and 15 years old, it is very common for them to receive orthodontic treatment. Around 12 years old, nearly all of your child’s permanent teeth will normally have erupted through the gum line and be settling into place. This means any crooked or misplaced teeth can create problems with their bite or the health of the teeth. Issues like these will seldom resolve themselves and our individualized care will help to resolve your child’s orthodontic needs.

Our team at Lowry Orthodontics is here to help your teenager with excellent orthodontic care. Call us at (303) 366-9090 to schedule an appointment with our team.

What You Can Expect from Our Office

Here at Lowry Orthodontics, we understand that many people might feel nervous about receiving orthodontic care especially if it’s the first time. To help put you at ease, our team and doctor are focused on making sure you receive care that is effective, safe and finding the most comfortable solution for you. We are able to discuss your treatment options with you and help you find the option that best meets your specific needs. Dr. Levin is a 2018 Platinum Invisalign Provider of Invisalign Teen and can help your teen resolve many orthodontic issues in a discreet and comfortable manner.

Contact us at (303) 366-9090 for more information about how we can help your teenager.

Get In Touch

Our dental treatments will give you a beautiful smile. For any questions, please feel free to call or text us! A team member will happily answer your call or reply to your text as we offer 2-way texting.

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